Lil’ Kickers FAQs

The paper Lil Kickers schedules become out of date as soon as the season starts, from that point on only use the online schedule that we keep up to date.
Classes on the paper schedule that do not have any kids enrolled as of the first week get closed. They can be reopened if at least 3 kids request to be in it.
Classes with 1-2 kid enrolled as of the first week will be emailed and either asked to move to another class / day / time, asked to combine with a similar age group at the same time, or allowed to stay at that time for a week to see if more kids join. This sometimes is based on how many coaches are available as well.
After a few weeks into the season I offer some of our smaller classes for half price only to you guys who are already enrolled and want to do a second weekly class. That way the class hopefully gets bigger and you also get to do two classes a week for a cheaper price.
On your first day you’ll want to check in. On weekday mornings and Saturday mornings you’ll want to check in at the front desk to the right of the bottom of the main stairs. On weeknights you’ll probably want to check in at the information booth back by the fields. There will be signs as well as employees available the first week of the season to point you in the right direction.
The only entrance without stairs is to the Southwest between the two buildings. This has a ramp that leads to our breezeway. The closest parking is all handicap only, but if you need to you can park in the westernmost part of our lot and then stroll down the slight decline towards the ramp. This is perfect for strollers or anyone who needs to avoid our staired entrances.
Kids in all classes need their own drink for water breaks, we prefer water specifically so that if it spills it doesn’t get the turf sticky, but if all you have is a Gatorade that is okay. We suggest having it on the field so the kids don’t have to run back and forth each time there is a water break. All kids must have closed toe athletic footwear. Sneakers or cleats only, no crocs or sandals.
Bunnies, Thumpers, and Cottontails are all parent-child classes, meaning one adult is expected to be engaged with each child on the field. Cottontails is a parent transition class where after a few weeks we will attempt to move parents out of the activities and eventually off the field altogether.
Hoppers, Jackrabbits, Big Feet, and all Micro classes are specifically without parents. There is a seating area outside the field where you can still spectate. The only reason a parent should be on the field for one of these classes is to help get them comfortable on the first day of class, or if they child is seriously injured. If a parent needs to be in the Hoppers class after the first day for anything other than an injury, that child should probably be in the Cottontails parent transition class.
Micro 6/7 and Micro 8/9 are almost always combined on weeknights. They are often but not always combined on weekday mornings, and rarely but can be combined on Saturday mornings. We find that most kids in our program at that age are usually around the same level despite age difference. If you need more of a challenge you will want to try our Micro Advanced class.
All kids in Jackrabbits, Big Feet, Micro 4/5, Micro 6/7, Micro 8/9, and Micro Advanced classes must have shin guards.
Blue inflatable tubes are used to divide each class. These are extremely expensive and some are already damaged. Please do not sit on the tubes, and do not allow your children to sit on, jump on, kick, lay, bounce, etc. on these tubes.
We do offer make up classes for any classes paid for that you miss. The only restriction is they must be made up by the end of that season, and do not rollover to future classes for any reason. You do not need to get classes you didn’t pay for made up- such as national holidays that we didn’t charge you for.
A few weeks into each season we offer a Bring-A-Friend week, where friends can be invited to try a class for free. Friends must be kids who have not already done a free trial that season, and have not actually been registered in the past 6 months. If a friend is not the same age as your child, we may ask them to move to a different class that is more appropriate for them. All friends must have a waiver signed before stepping on the field.
The final two weeks of each season we pass out Recommendation Cards which are suggestions specific to each child on what class to enroll for next season. Ultimately, these are just suggestions and you can decide to do whatever class you want, as long as it is age appropriate. Often, registration for the new season opens before the cards are passed out. In that case, you are welcome to still sign up for whatever you think and then if your card says something different, you can always move.
The last week of each season we host Parent Week. That is where we invite parents on the field to play fun games with the kids. We only want one parent per child on the field, and parents must be wearing closed toe footwear too. Coaches are told to give a safety speech before each class that week- emphasizing not to kick the ball too hard and to watch where you’re running so you don’t hurt the kids.
Any questions about your class- whether you think it is not the right level, have an issue with the coach or another player, or anything else- please notify me immediately so that a solution can be provided.

I send out information each week via email, to make sure you receive these emails you can message me at We also post my emails to our website – Lil’ Kickers Weekly Updates.






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