Lil’ Kickers Weekly Updates

This week there are 2 big things to know about:

– PICTURE WEEK: This week we will have professional photographers available to take individual pictures of players who would like them done! The photographers should be available up to 30 minutes before each class and 30 minutes after (if needed). The pictures are free to take- you just fill out a digital form, they send you the proofs, and you can decide if you want to purchase them or not at that time. The photographers will be set up next to the main entrance stairs, where the arcade games are. The digital form is something you scan with your phone in person.

Pictures are optional, but since they are free to take I would definitely do it and then you can decide if you like them and want to purchase them later!

There will be one make up picture day. Picture Week is this week, tomorrow, Monday 11/27 through this Saturday 12/2. The one make up picture day for anybody who missed will be the following Saturday, 12/9. You can also get your pictures done on a day that you usually are not here if needed. If you are a Monday customer, attend class, but forget about pictures, you can always come back Tuesday or another day just to get the pics taken. Same goes for if doing a make up class.

– REGISTRATION FOR WINTER II: I plan to have registration for Winter II Lil Kickers season available this Saturday. Hopefully I will also get the paper schedules out and one posted on our website a few days before then so you can see when classes are offered, but it will be pretty similar to what days and times we are offering each level this season. If you have any questions about registration that cannot wait until this Saturday when I email that out, please contact me.

Exciting stuff going on at SoccerCity OKC! Here’s what to know:

– BRING-A-FRIEND WEEK IS THIS WEEK: This week we are inviting all kids to invite friends to jump into class for free! The only restrictions are that the friends can not have done a Lil Kickers season recently, can not have already tried a free class this season, and are close in age! If a friend is NOT close in age, we will ask them to move to a more appropriate class. For instance if a Hopper that is 4 brings a 6 year old friend, we will ask the 6 year old to be in an older class. If the friend you’re inviting has done a free trial or signed up for a season in the past, and you are not sure if the free trial was this season or when they were registered was too recent, shoot me an email and I can confirm. Bring A Friend Week is to let your friends who are NEW to Lil Kickers see what it’s all about and have fun!

*ALL FRIENDS MUST SIGN A WAIVER BEFORE CLASS. You can find those at the front desk or field 3/4 info booth, or here is a downloadable version:

*MONDAY CUSTOMERS: I am getting this email out late and I know it is easy to forget what’s going on at the beginning of a new week, so if you have a friend you want to bring but forgot, that is fine you can do so next week, just let me know!

*FRIDAY AND SATURDAY CUSTOMERS: We ran out of the BAF cards on Friday and Saturday. You are still welcome to bring a friend even though we didn’t pass those out!

*BAF CARDS: Those cards are just to serve as a tangible reminder, they are not mandatory if our coach forgot to pass out to your class or if you lost yours. The waiver is what is mandatory.

*LARGE CLASSES: Obviously since this week is BAF Week and everyone brings a friend we will have larger classes than usual. Just know that this week we will allow it but if any friends attempt to sign up for a class we will NOT let them sign up for the season in a class that is already full. We will ask them to please sign up moving forward for a class that has space.

– THIS WEEK AT THE FACILITY: Winter I LEAGUES start this week beginning today. From now through the end of Winter II which will be mid-March, you can expect the facility to be packed in the evenings and on Saturday mornings. The front parking lot will fill quickly, there may be lines at the front desk and concession, and there will be tons of people in the building. We also get blitzed on the phones, so if you or someone you know has been trying to call me about Lil Kickers please use my email instead! Just thought I would give you a heads up in case you wanted to get here earlier for your class for parking and seating purposes.

– THANKSGIVING WEEK: We DO have classes the week of Thanksgiving on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. We do NOT have classes on Thanksgiving Thursday or Thanksgiving Friday. These classes should have been taken out of the price for Thursday and Friday customers. We also will be having a soccer camp for kids ages 4-15 on Monday through Wednesday of that week (11/20, 11/21, 11/22). If you are interested in putting your player in a soccer camp, check out the info and registration link here:

*THURSDAY AND FRIDAY CUSTOMERS you do not need to get Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday made up since it was taken out of your price!

– SATURDAY CUSTOMERS: I had a ton of coaches out this past Saturday- I apologize if you feel like you have had a different coach too often. We know how important it is for the kids to have the same coach as much as possible and to build a bond with that person. Please know I will do my best to have the best coach (and consistent coach) on your class as much as possible. I think this past Saturday was just a perfect storm of coaches having unmanagable things pop up. I hope that whoever your cover coach was for the day did a good job.

– MAKE UP CLASSES: Another reminder, get any missed classes made up before the end of the season on 12/23. Here is the updated schedule to use, email to confirm:

Dress Up Week has been great! We have had a few coaches dress up every day as well as some of the kids and I even saw a few parents in costumes! We are loving it! Dress Up Week continues today, Monday 10/30, and tomorrow 10/31. Here’s what to know for this week and moving forward:

– DRESS UP WEEK: We WILL have classes Halloween evening. We will be missing a few coaches due to them asking off ahead of time. I know several of you will not be there due to other events. If you won’t be there just let me know when you would like to get a make up class done. REMINDER: You still have time to post a picture of your Lil Kicker in their costume at the facility in the comments of our Dress Up Week Facebook post! We will have a drawing to choose the winner of a prize!

– BRING-A-FRIEND CARDS: This week the coaches will be passing out BAF Cards. These are tangible invitations you can use to reminder yourself and whichever friend you give it to that next week (week of 11/6) is Bring-A-Friend Week! So start planning on what friend you would like to bring NEXT week. I will send out more details about BAF Week in my email next week.

– LEAGUE REGISTRATION: You may have seen emails about Winter I LEAGUE registration opening. This is for teams playing in our leagues. We also have teams we form for individuals that do not have their own teams- both youth and adult. These are called House Teams. The youngest we have is U6, which would be 4-5 year olds. We also have U8-U19, and mens, womens, and coed teams. If you are interested in getting yourself or your player on an actual team that plays games in our leagues, check out that information here:

– CAMPS: We have a 3 day Thanksgiving Break Camp coming up, and registration is already open for our 2 Winter Break Camps that we are also offering. Check those out here:


Winter Break:

– MAKE UP CLASSES: Reminder to get all missed classes made up prior to the end of this season, the final day being 12/23. Here is our always being updated online schedule for your reference. When you find a time you want shoot me an email to confirm:

I hope everyone enjoyed their first class of the Winter I season last week. For those of you that signed up late, I send emails like this at the beginning of each week with information that you might find useful for that week or for the season. Here is some information to know for this week:

– DRESS UP WEEK: Starting this Wednesday, 10/25, and running through next Tuesday 10/31, we are having DRESS UP WEEK! This is where we invite all coaches, players, and even parents, to dress up for the week leading up to Halloween! The only rules for the adults (coaches and parents) is nothing too sexy or scary (obviously). Nothing too scary on the kids either. They are allowed to bring props (swords, wands, etc.) but will be asked to keep them off the field once the class starts to keep from distracting other kids. ***Our coaches may be handing out candy, I know we will also have some at the desk and booth too. If you don’t want any candy for your child please let the coach know. Food allergies should also be mentioned to the coaches!***

Sidebar- we want to see the pictures of your kids here at SoccerCity dressed up in their costumes! When you’re here and dressed up, snap a pic of them and post it to our SoccerCity OKC facebook. We will do some kind of drawing and prize!

– FALL BREAK: Yes some schools are on break right now- we DO have classes going on despite that. The only days we do not have classes this entire season is Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday (11/23, 11/24). All other classes missed besides those 2 days need to be made up!

– MAKE UP CLASSES: We do offer make up classes for players that miss their regular time and want to do it another day and time to get their money’s worth of classes. The main restriction is that all missed classes MUST be made up by the end of the season! Any classes you do not get made up by 12/23 are lost and do not rollover as a credit for any reason.

To see how to set up a make up class:

The schedule to use when looking for times (if this is not updated by the time this email goes out it will be updated at least by the end of the day):

If you have any questions about the program, they maybe answered on our FAQ page here:

Lil Kickers Winter I season at SoccerCity OKC BEGINS THIS WEEK! We are so excited to coach your players- whether it be returning familiar faces, or brand new kids we get to meet and spend the next 10 weeks getting to know!

Each week I send basic information via email on Monday or Sunday preparing you on what to know as the season progresses and as different things go on at the facility. For this first email, I am going to lightly touch on basic things to know for your first time in the facility and first week of the season!

– WHERE TO GO: All classes are at our indoor facility SoccerCity OKC in NW OKC on NW 122nd and Meridian, hidden in the neighborhood Summerfield. Our exact address is 4520 Old Farm Road. Once at the facility, you can go down the main stairs to see us at the front desk, where we will get you checked in and give you a jersey if you need one. Call us at 405-748-3888 if you have any issues finding us!

– WHAT TO BRING: Have your player in fun play clothes and sneakers. Bring a drink for water breaks. Kids in Jackrabbits, Big Feet, Micro 4/5, Micro 6/7, Micro 8/9, and Micro Advanced need to have shin guards. Kids in Bunnies, Thumpers, and Cottontails will need a parent on the field- so I would suggest you also wear something comfortable and sneakers if you are the parent on the field for your child. ***I highly suggest being 5-10 minutes early, not only in case of a line at the front desk when checking in, but also to meet your coach and get your player comfortable in the facility before class starts. So many kids start off their season with anxiety because they show up late and see their class full of kids has already started!***

– WEEKDAY MORNING CLASSES: Some weekday morning classes only have 1 child enrolled. For those classes I will shoot you an email to see if you can move to another day or time to be with other kids, or combine with a different class level. All morning classes will always be on Field 1.

– WEEKDAY EVENING CLASSES: All evening classes will always be on Field 4.

– SATURDAY MORNING CLASSES: There are so many kids on Saturdays we usually use 3 of our fields at each hour- Field 1, 2, and 3. We also have so many for some classes that we split the classes in half and offer two options with their own coaches of those classes. If we split your level and you find that you are not in the same class as a friend, please let us know and we can move you.

– HANDICAP / STROLLER ENTRANCE: Any parents looking to avoid the stairs in our facility, we have one entrance without stairs to the Southwest. The doors are in our Breezeway that connects our buildings together and can be accessed by parking to the westernmost side of our facility and then strolling to the south. There are handicap parking spots on the west side of the building as well. If you need better explanation you can call us or come in person and we can show you.


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