Lil’ Kickers Weekly Updates

A few things for the last 2 weeks of classes!

– PARENT DAY: Today is the PARENT DAY only for Monday classes. This is because today is the final Monday of the season. Parent Day is where we invite parents on the field to play fun games with the kids. I would suggest wearing comfortable clothes and footwear if you want to participate. I will give out more information about Parent Week in my email next week for all the other days of the week.

– MEMORIAL WEEKEND: Reminder, no classes this Friday 5/24, Saturday 5/27, or next Monday 5/29. We do have classes through Thursday of this week, and the final week / Parent Week Tuesday through Saturday of next week.

***Monday, Friday, and Saturday customers did not pay for this upcoming weekend and therefore do not need to worry about making up.***

– MAKE UPS! Only this week and next to get classes made up, as they do not rollover to the future. To make up any missed classes, use our online schedule and then email me to confirm:

– SUMMER SEASON: Begins 6/3. Even though Early Bird Discount has ended it is never too late to sign up! You can do so via email, over the phone, in person or online at:

– THRIVE FEST: SoccerCity OKC will be having a booth next Saturday, 6/1, at Mitch Park for MetroFamily Kids “Thrive Fest”! Check it out and come see us!

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend. We only have a few weeks left of this Spring season! Here’s what to know moving forward:

– RECOMMENDATION CARDS: Coaches should now be passing out recommendation cards after class. These are small notes specific to each child with a suggestion of what class to do next season. You will only receive a card from your normal coach- so if you miss your regular time you won’t receive it this week. I will try to have the coaches continue passing them out next week though. Coach Ty has earned tenure here- he is so good at communicating with his parents and he’s been here so long he no longer does recommendation cards. So if you have Coach Ty and want to know what level to do next season, ask him before or after class, or email him at

– MAKE UP CLASSES: REMINDER, once again, please get any missed classes made up this season! they DO NOT rollover to future seasons FOR ANY REASON! The final day of this season is 6/1 and we also won’t have classes Friday 5/24, Saturday 5/25, or Monday 5/27. You did not pay for these days so you don’t need to get them made up, I just wanted you to know for the sake of finding times to make up. Here is our always-being-updated Spring schedule, email me when you find a time you can do for a make up (if you need to do any make ups):

– PLEASE VOTE! We are nominated for Family Favorites by MetroFamily Magazine. Please vote for us!


To sign up for classes:

To get info, or sign up for camps:

– PARENT WEEK FOR MONDAY! So the final week of every season we invite parents on the field for classes to play fun games with the kids! Unfortunately, due to Memorial Weekend, that last Monday we won’t have classes. So Parent Day for MONDAYS will be next Monday, 5/20. All other Parent Days will be the week of 5/28-6/1. Any questions about that let me know!


….sign up NO LATER than THIS SATURDAY 5/18 to get the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT…

….we sell pink LK jersey tops, blue and red LK shorts, and LK t-shirts….

….and I am still working on next season’s staff schedule so I am not sure who will be coaching where yet…

You’ve probably received a million emails about Summer registration opening. Hopefully you’re going to sign up soon and get the Early Bird Discount. In the meantime, here’s what to know:

– INCLEMENT WEATHER: I’m aware there is supposed to be some bad weather coming in. As of right now, SoccerCity OKC plans on staying open, and classes going on. That being said, if we DO decide to cancel, it would most likely be by 3:30pm today. If we close we will send out a mass email, post on our social media, and possibly our website.

This same policy is good for any day. So in the future if there is poor weather, this is a good idea of what to expect from us- staying open, deciding by an hour before the first class of a shift, and then emailing / posting

If we stay open but you do not feel comfortable coming to class tonight- no problem- just shoot us an email to let us know and if / when you plan to get the class made up.

– This week coaches should be passing out paper schedules and reminding you to sign up ASAP!

– Starting this upcoming Saturday, coaches should begin passing out Recommendation Cards. Recommendation Cards are small notes specific to each child that give a suggestion of what level to sign up for next season. If you are ready to sign up and don’t want to wait on the card- go ahead and sign up for what you want and if your card says otherwise we can get you moved if you choose!

EPIC needs all invoices by the end of this month. So if you plan on using Epic towards Summer classes, I will need to know that asap so I can get the invoice sent to them in time.

Summer Registration for Lil Kickers classes here at SoccerCity OKC will ***officially*** open this Saturday, 5/4.

However, I am offering early registration for anyone wanting to email me your players name, what class level you want, and what day and time. I can enroll you via email, and you can either call in with payment, email me with payment, or let me know if I can use a form of payment already on file.

– To see the different class levels there are:

– To see when we offer each class level next season:

– To set up a FREE TRIAL if you have never been or have not been enrolled in over at least a year:

– Information on using your learning fund tuition if you’re an Epic Charter School family:

Again, online registration will open at midnight this Saturday, 5/4. But I have it already set up on my end if you want to email me and get enrolled!

Hope everyone who wanted pictures was able to make it in for that. I am thinking we will have picture week again next season but not sure yet. There is TONS of stuff going on at the facility that you guys might want to know, so here you go!

– SUMMER LIL KICKERS REGISTRATION! I will open registration officially this Saturday 5/4. Registration will be available online, over the phone, or in person. We are offering an Early Bird Discount again as well. Early Bird Discount for current spring customers only- 1 class off each child. Can be stacked with sibling, military, or referral discounts. Deadline for Early Bird Discount is May 18th. To receive the discount you can sign up online and pay full price and then email me to refund you the amount of the discount OR sign up in person or over the phone and remind us of the discount before paying. TO SEE THE SUMMER SCHEDULE:

– SUMMER LEAGUE REGISTRATION: SoccerCity OKC also offers leagues for teams to play actual games in, and registration for that is NOW open. The deadline to sign up for that will be 5/6 and the season will begin the week of 5/13. If you have a full adult or youth team you would like to sign up to play indoor soccer, check out the information and registration page here:

– HOUSE TEAMS: If you are interested in you or your child playing on an actual team in the league that I mentioned above but do not have your own team, we have your solution! We offer house teams for players who don’t have a team. $80 per player for the 8 game season and that includes a SoccerCity t-shirt as a jersey top! For more information on our house teams, you can email Jennifer at houseteams@soccercityokcity, as well as see here:

– CAMPS: We are offering multiple 5 day camps this summer, and registration is now open! This is for kids ages 4-15 and is a ton of fun! See details and registration here:

– MAKE UP CLASSES: Reminder to make up any missed classes by the end of this season, which is 6/1. They do not rollover to future seasons for any reason. To make up a class, use our online schedule to find a day and time that works for you and then email me to confirm. Here is the schedule:

– PINK JERSEYS: I have a ton of pink Lil Kicker jersey tops for sale at $20. We also have Lil Kicker blue and red shorts for $17 a pair, Lil Kicker t-shirt jerseys at $10, and Lil Kicker soccer balls at $20. If you are interested in any of that email me and I can set it aside for you to pay for next time you are in the facility!

REMINDER: Your last chance to take pictures of your Lil Kickers as well as get reshoots done will be this Saturday between 9am and 12:30pm. They MAY stay later than 12:30pm, but no guarantees. Also, as I said during picture week, I would try to get your pictures done before class if you are in the 9:30am class, and plan for a line between the other classes (10:30am and 11:30am). I would show up early for your class if you are in a 10:30am or 11:30am so you can get the picture done in plenty of time before your class begins.

Make Up Picture Day is NOT JUST FOR SATURDAY KIDS! Any Lil Kicker who needs to get their pics taken can come in on Saturday. Make Up Day just happens to fall on a Saturday in hopes most of you can make that.

Hope to see all your kids in their Lil Kickers jerseys and looking cute for Make Up Picture Day this Saturday 4/27 from 9am to 12:30pm!

We are now in WEEK 5 of our Spring Lil Kickers season! Crazy how time is flying! Here is what to know for the remainder of the season:

– BRING A FRIEND WEEK IS OVER BUT… it’s never too late to invite a friend! Just email me to confirm there is space in your class and you can bring a friend to try for free! The same rules apply- they must be brand new to the program or have not done a free trial this season, or been signed up in the past 6 months. If your class is free you CANNOT bring a friend to that time but if you really want to invite someone let me know and we can find another time you can have them come!

– CLASS PROGRESSIONS: From this point on classes should start showing some real progressions. Cottontails should begin attempting to transition parents off the field if they have not yet. Jackrabbits and Big Feet should start introducing competitive games in an attempt to ready the kids for scrimmaging later this season. All other classes will also have progressions but may be a little more subtle.

– LEAGUE REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! A lot of you have been asking when and how you can get your player on an actual team that plays games. Now is the time! Our Summer 1 LEAGUE registration just opened and house teams are now available.

For a description of our house team program:

For house team specific questions, email Jennifer at

To get info for / sign up an ENTIRE team (youth or adult):

– SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN: We are offering 5 different youth soccer camps throughout the Summer, all are open for sign ups now:

– MAKE UP ANY MISSED CLASSES: Reminder to get any of your missed classes made up prior to the end of the season! All missed classes must be made up by 6/1 or they are lost- they do NOT rollover to future seasons as a credit FOR ANY REASON.

To see our constantly being updated schedule to find a time to invite a friend, make up a missed class, or anything else, check here:

This week is BRING A FRIEND WEEK! Here’s what to know about this week:

WHO? Every Lil Kicker can invite a friend! We only ask that friends have either never played with us before or it has at least been 6 months since they were last signed up. If they have already done a free trial this season they are also not eligible.

WHAT? Friends get to jump into class with your player and try for free!

WHEN? This whole week, 4/15 – 4/20!


– Please have all friends sign a waiver before class. You can have them come to the evening booth / front desk to sign the waiver before class, or you can send them the online version to print off and bring in. ***if they sign the online version I need the player’s DOB added in the margin*** here is the link to the online waiver:

– If the friend you’re bringing is not the same age as your player, we may move them to a more appropriate class. For instance, if your player is 3 and in the Cottontails, and brings a 5 year old friend and there is a Big Feet available at that time, we will move them to be with kids closer to their age.

– All friends must follow our rules! Help us out and ask them to stay off the blue tubes, and remind all kids to wear sneakers or cleats, and in scrimmaging classes (Jackrabbits, Big Feet, Micro 4/5, Micro 6/7, Micro 8/9) to wear shin guards!

– Just like if a signed up Lil Kicker is not following rules and responding to our attempts to get them to play the games correctly, if a friend also does not listen and becomes a distraction we may ask them to go sit with a parent for a bit to regather themselves

– FULL CLASSES… we do want you to bring a friend BUT if there is anyway you can bring them to another day and time that would be AWESOME, that way the full classes are not crazy big if everyone attends. Here is our online schedule, classes in RED are full, and you can see what other days and times have space for you to bring a friend if you are in a full class and can swing it:

Also, please know that even if someone doesn’t get this message and brings a friend to a full class, we may let them participate, but we would not let them sign up moving forward for that day and time if it is full.

Please let me know if you have any Bring A Friend week related questions!

I have some PINK Lil Kickers jerseys for sale for $20 each. Pink jerseys are NOT an option for your membership, only for the $20. To purchase one just stop by the front desk or evening booth and let me know what size you need. I also have blue and red shorts for most sizes if you would like shorts to complete your uniform set. They are $17 for each pair of shorts.

This Saturday is KIDS FEST and SoccerCity OKC will have a booth there! Everyone’s favorite coach, Coach Ty, should be there too! To see more info about the event:

Tons of stuff going on this week and moving forward. PLEASE read this email carefully and all the way through, it is jam packed with info.

– PICTURES: Picture Week is officially over, but we will have a Make Up Day on Saturday, 4/27. I will remind you closer to that time, but if you didn’t get your pictures taken or want a reshoot, please put that date in your calendars. Any issues with your pictures or questions you have about the pictures you can email me and I will forward you to their customer service if I can’t help.

– BRING-A-FRIEND WEEK: Bring-A-Friend Week will be NEXT WEEK, the week of 4/15 – 4/20. This week coaches should be passing out BAF cards that serve as a reminder for you to invite someone, as well as a tangible invitation you can hand your friend. I will go over the guidelines and details for BAF Week in my email this upcoming weekend. Again, any questions about BAF Week that cannot wait until my next email, please message me.

– MetroFamily Magazine Family Favories: PLEASE! Nominate SoccerCity OKC and Lil Kickers as your Family Favorites in OKC! There are multiple categories and we need all the votes we can get to be nominated as a finalist! I think you can vote once a day, check it out here:

– KIDS FEST: MetroFamily Magazine is also hosting the annual Kids Fest and SoccerCity OKC / Lil Kickers will have a booth there, manned by everybody’s favorite coach, Coach Ty! Kids Fest will be on Saturday 4/20, from 10am to 2pm at Rose State College! For more information, see the details here:

– SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN: We are offering 5 different 5 day camps this summer, for kids ages 4-15. Each camp will offer a 3 hour morning, 3 hour afternoon, and all day sessions. To get more information or go ahead and sign up, click this link:

– MAKE UPS! Reminder, if you miss your normal class day and time, we DO offer make ups! Use our online schedule to find a day and time we have your class with availability, and then email me to confirm. Any missed classes that you do not get made up do NOT rollover to future seasons. You have to get any missed classes made up this season, which ends 6/1. To see our schedule:

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Picture Day for you, and since you guys are the busiest day of the week you once again get an email specific to your classes.

The photographers are telling me they will be ready by tomorrow at 9am. I highly suggest if you are a 9:30am family that you show up early to get your pictures done before class starts. What usually happens is a giant line forms between classes due to the players wanting their pics taken after class as well as the players wanting pics before their class starts the next hour. So if 9:30am customers come a little early to knock it out, hopefully less people will be in line between the 9:30am and 10:30am classes, and between the 10:30am and 11:30am, and so on and so forth.

So if possible, I definitely suggest coming early to get your pics done without a line.

For those of you that missed my email Monday with details on picture week, I haven’t posted it to our website yet but here are the basics:

– pics are optional, free to take, they will email you proofs and you can decide then if you want to purchase

– the photographers will be located to the bottom of the stairs immediately to the left (by where the video games are)

– they may ask you to scan something on your phone to sign up if you want to do that while waiting in line

– I can answer most questions but may send you to Candid Color’s management if you have an issue with your pictures that I can’t assist with

– tomorrow is the last day, will have a make up picture day TBD

I hope everyone had a great first week of the season. This email is going to go over this upcoming week- PICTURE WEEK, as well as other stuff to know moving forward!

– PICTURE WEEK: Every other season we have Candid Color Photography send photographers to take pictures of Lil Kickers here at the facility. Pictures will be done in front of a backdrop and are optional. To take the pictures is FREE! All you have to do is fill out a form that they will have for you, then take the pictures. After that they will email you proofs for you to choose whether or not you want to purchase. I suggest everyone take advantage of this! Photographers SHOULD be available about 15-20 minutes before and after each class if you want to show up a little early or stay late to make sure you don’t miss any of your class. We will have a make up picture day if you don’t get yours this week, but I am not sure the date yet. Any questions about Picture Week, let me know, however I can only help so much and may have to direct you to Candid Color’s management.

– MAKE UPS: If you miss your normal class- we DO offer make ups! You can make up missed classes at another day and time we offer the same class, as long as there is space. To make up a missed class, use our online schedule to find a time that works for you and then email me to confirm. Here is our ever-changing always being updated online schedule:

– COACHES: We were lucky to have the lead coaches available for about 95% of classes last week. As Spring rolls along, coaches may miss your class due to personal reasons (sickness, sporting events, academic requirements, etc.). Please know that I will always attempt to have the best sub coach covering your regular coach if they miss. I also will replace your coach if I think they have missed too much and are not available enough for the sake of the class. Hopefully you all were pleased with your coaches this past week.

– SMALL CLASSES: We had a lot of smaller classes this past week due to Easter, some kids still being on Spring Break, etc. I expect more kids in each class moving forward, but will contact any classes with only 1 enrolled to see if they would like to move to another day or time. If you think your class is too small please let me know and I can tell you how many kids we are expecting or give you options to move!

Hey Saturday families!

This info email is specific to you in hopes that it makes your first class of the season tomorrow easier to navigate. Saturdays are so busy and can be so chaotic that I thought I would send this message to help you have the best experience possible!

Please read this email carefully so you can have all the information needed for tomorrow!

First thing to know is there are so many classes on Saturdays that we use 3 of our 4 fields! Amongst those classes are often levels that are so popular that we have two of them at the same time. For instance, there are so many Hoppers kids at 9:30am, we are offering two different Hoppers classes at 9:30am, each with their own coach and in their own section. Below is a break down of the classes and where they are:

(classes with asterisks** means there are 2 of that level at that time)


A: Cottontails – Coach Claire
B: Jackrabbits** – Coach Eboni
C: Bunnies – Coach Emilie
D: Thumpers – Coach Ty


F: Micro 4/5** – Coach JP
G: Jackrabbits** – Coach Rainey
H: Micro 8/9 – Coach Edson
I: Micro 6/7 – Coach Talon


R: Hoppers** – Coach Kylie
Q: Hoppers** – Coach Kayleigh
P: Micro 4/5** – Coach Kadence
O: Big Feet – Coach Cayden



A: Cottontails – Coach Claire
B: Thumpers** – Coach Eboni
C: Bunnies – Coach Emilie
D: Thumpers** – Coach Ty


F: Micro 4/5** – Coach JP
G: Jackrabbits – Coach Rainey
H: Micro 8/9 – Coach Edson
I: Micro 6/7 – Coach Talon


R: Hoppers** – Coach Kylie
Q: Hoppers** – Coach Kayleigh
P: Micro 4/5** – Coach Kadence
O: Big Feet – Coach Cayden



A: Hoppers** – Coach Kayleigh
B: Cottontails – Coach Claire
C: Bunnies – Coach Callie(covering Coach Patience)
D: Thumpers – Coach Emilie


F: Micro 4/5 – Coach Kylie
G: Jackrabbits – Coach Rainey
H: Micro 8/9 – Coach Eboni
I: Micro 6/7 – Coach Ty


R: Micro Adv. 5/6 – Coach Edson
Q: Hoppers** – Coach Kadence
P: Big Feet – Coach Cayden
O: Micro Adv. 7/8 – Coach Talon

These are the coaches you should have for the duration of the season, barring any emergency changes. IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND YOU WANT TO BE WITH AND SEE YOUR CLASS WAS SPLIT PLEASE EMAIL ME AND I WILL MAKE SURE I HAVE YOU WITH YOUR FRIEND!

Please also note that this weekend is Easter Weekend, so we may have smaller classes than usual, but I expect more kids starting next weekend moving forward.

– Please stop by the front desk if you don’t know where to go, which class you are in, or are needing a new jersey. Some classes at 11:30am moved! Make sure you know where!

– Coaches will be wearing Lil Kickers or SoccerCity shirts and all lead coaches will have clipboards. They too can help you find your class and can confirm you are on their roster.

– I expect a line before each hour of classes so if you are worried about being late to start please show up 5-10 or even 15 minutes early to get settled at the desk.

– Bunnies, Thumpers, Cottontails all need 1 parent on the field for each child

– Hoppers, Jackrabbits, Big Feet, and Micro classes should NOT have parents on the field

– Jackrabbits, Big Feet, and all Micro class kids MUST have shin guards

– All kids should have sneakers or cleats and I would suggest a drink for the water breaks within classes

– STAY OFF THE TUBES! They are already leaking, parents or kids sitting on them only deteriorates them quicker

Lil Kickers Spring season at SoccerCity OKC BEGINS THIS WEEK starting tomorrow! We are so excited to coach your players- whether it be returning familiar faces, or brand new kids we get to meet and spend the next 10 weeks getting to know!

Each week I send basic information via email on Monday or Sunday preparing you on what to know as the season progresses and as different things go on at the facility. For this first email, I am going to lightly touch on basic things to know for your first time in the facility and first week of the season!

– WHERE TO GO: All classes are at our indoor facility SoccerCity OKC in NW OKC on NW 122nd and Meridian, hidden in the neighborhood Summerfield. Our exact address is 4520 Old Farm Road. Once at the facility, you can go down the main stairs to see us at the front desk, where we will get you checked in and give you a jersey if you need one. Call us at 405-748-3888 if you have any issues finding us!

– WHAT TO BRING: Have your player in fun play clothes and sneakers. Bring a drink for water breaks. Kids in Jackrabbits, Big Feet, Micro 4/5, Micro 6/7, Micro 8/9, and Micro Advanced need to have shin guards. Kids in Bunnies, Thumpers, and Cottontails will need a parent on the field- so I would suggest you also wear something comfortable and sneakers if you are the parent on the field for your child. ***I highly suggest being 5-10 minutes early, not only in case of a line at the front desk when checking in, but also to meet your coach and get your player comfortable in the facility before class starts. So many kids start off their season with anxiety because they show up late and see their class full of kids has already started!***

– WEEKDAY MORNING CLASSES: Some weekday morning classes only have 1 child enrolled. For those classes I have sent or will be sending the families an email to see if they can move to another day or time to be with other kids, or combine with a different class level. All morning classes will always be on Field 1.

– WEEKDAY EVENING CLASSES: All evening classes will always be on Field 4, there is an information kiosk by the field that we can help you at.

– SATURDAY MORNING CLASSES: There are so many kids on Saturdays we usually use 3 of our fields at each hour- Field 1, 2, and 4. We also have so many for some classes that we split the classes in half and offer two options with their own coaches of those classes. If we split your level and you find that you are not in the same class as a friend, please let us know and we can move you. I will send Saturday customers a Saturday specific email on Friday breaking down the classes and locations.

– HANDICAP / STROLLER ENTRANCE: Any parents looking to avoid the stairs in our facility, we have one entrance without stairs to the Southwest. The doors are in our Breezeway that connects our buildings together and can be accessed by parking to the westernmost side of our facility and then strolling to the south. There are handicap parking spots on the west side of the building as well. If you need better explanation you can call us or come in person and we can show you.


Questions or concerns regarding Lil’ Kickers? Contact Hayden at






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