Fall Break Camp 2023

Want your kids to have some fun and stay active over Fall Break? We have your solution…

Bring your kids to SoccerCity for Fall Break Camp, ages 4 years to 15 years welcome. We will be offering four separate days of camp, each with a morning and afternoon session during Fall Break. The groups will be divided based on age and ability. Children should come ready to listen, learn, and most of all – have fun!

2023 Camp Dates: 
Thursday, October 19th
Friday, October 20th
Monday, October 23rd

Sessions (available each day):
Morning (half day): 9am-12pm
Afternoon (half day): 1pm-4pm
Full day: 9am – 4pm

Camp cost:
1 day AM or PM – $30
1 day all day – $55
2 day AM or PM- $60
2 day all day – $105
3 day AM or PM – $85
3 day all day – $150

Camp Details for Enrollees:
We will open doors for morning and all day campers at 8:40am. When you arrive please check in at the front desk at the bottom of the stairs. If you have not signed a waiver for your child at the facility in the last 12 months (or if you’re not sure when you last did) please do that. You can put all your kids on one waiver. This also where we will ask you to pay if you have not yet or if you need to finish paying for an additional day you added.

***We have a check in card system. When you check in, we give you a card, then you must present the card when picking up your player. If the person dropping off the player is different than the person picking them up, please let us know at check in. I suggest just taking a picture of this card and having it on your phone to keep for the week so you don’t have to keep getting a new card each day.***

Afternoon campers can be here as early as 12:40pm.

Each three hour session (9-12 and 1-4) will have a 20-30 minute snack break where we will have the concession stand open. You can either bring your kids snacks / lunch and / or money to buy snacks from the concession stand. For all day campers there will also be a chance to eat between 12-12:45. There are signs on our doors saying no outside food, that does not pertain to campers.

***Concession stand MAY only be offering pre-packaged snacks, no hot food like hot dogs, popcorn, etc. There is a chance we can staff a concession stand worker that actually can fix hot food but I am not sure yet.***

Each player MUST be wearing sneakers or cleats, fun play clothes and SHIN GUARDS! I would suggest a refillable bottle for the multiple water breaks. You can bring your own ball but we will have a bunch of our own.

Most parents leave and come back to pick the kids up, some stay all camp, and some come and go, you are welcome to do whatever, just as long as you are on time picking them up. Morning ends at 12pm, afternon and all day ends at 4pm. Do not be that parent we have to charge a fee to because we had to sit with your child and wait for them to be picked up.

One thing that will help us alot is if you have your child go to the bathroom prior to camp starting, especially the younger groups, so we won’t have to take bathroom breaks in the first 15 minutes of camp.

Lastly, we will have the kids split up by ages. This will be on a white board at the bottom of the stairs. If you have a player on the verge of aging out of a group or needs to be down a level just let us know at the front desk.

Please direct any questions to Matt Fansher (matt@soccercityokcity.com) or call SoccerCity at 405-748-3888.






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