Lil’ Kickers COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Due to the Oklahoma City mandate in effect immediately, SoccerCity will now be requiring everybody 11 years old and older to wear masks upon entering the facility. This means all spectators 11 and older must wear masks, all coaches must wear masks, and all players 11 and older must wear masks until entering the field or player’s bench area for their game.
  • Classes are now only 45 minutes instead of 50 minutes. They will start at the usual times but end early. This is so our coaches can use the extra time to spray all supplies used during the class with an eco-friendly cleaner. (Returning to 50 minute classes as of August 10th. We will still be spraying between classes.)
  • The maximum class size is 9 kids per class instead of in the past when we allowed up to 12. (Returning to 12 kids per class beginning August 10th.)
  • When your child needs to go to the bathroom, we will bring them/send them to you, please make sure they wash their hands thoroughly before returning.
  • We are allowing only one parent on the field per player for the younger classes of 6 kids or more. Smaller parent child classes of 5 kids or less may have more than one parent on the field. Parents may take off their mask while on the field. You are definitely allowed to bring a younger sibling on the field if you are by yourself!
  • As far as extra visitors go (grandparents, family, friends, etc.), we feel that our facility is so spread out that we are not going to limit how many people are in attendance.
  • We have installed hand sanitizers all over the facility and encourage you to use them often!
  • Coaches have been instructed to not high five the kids and no stamps. Instead, we will do air fives, and coaches decide on how to do a “team cheer” at the end of class without touching.

For more information on our Lil’ Kickers classes, questions, and /or concerns, please contact Hayden Wagner at 405.748.3888.