Lil’ Kickers Weekly Updates

I am sending this weekly email out a little earlier than usual to hopefully let the Monday morning and evening customers know what to expect in regards to the weather.

As of right now we are open, there are plenty of coaches here this morning, and classes are ON! Tonight we PLAN to be open, but I will send an email out at 3:30pm today only IF we close. ***If you don’t see an email from me around 3:30pm stating we are CLOSING, and you don’t see a social media or website post about it, then we are staying OPEN!***

If you don’t feel safe coming to class, please shoot me an email so we can set up a make up class. Here is our online schedule to use for finding a time to make up:

Other things to know this week:

– BRING A FRIEND WEEK IS OVER, BUT… it’s never too late to invite a friend to try a class for free! They just have to not have tried a class this season already, and not have been registered in a Lil Kickers season in the past 6 months. Also now that Bring-A-Friend Week is over, we are sticklers about classes already being full, so if you have a friend to bring, please check to make sure your class still has space, or you can ask me!

– LIL KICKER SHORTS: I have received a limited amount of blue and red Lil Kickers shorts from our Tulsa branch. The blue also goes with white tops. I will be selling them for $17. I don’t have a lot and I have had a lot of customers asking about them so I am not sure how long they will last. Someone will be here available to sell them every weekday between 9am-12pm, and Monday through Thursday 4pm-7:30pm. We also can sell them during classes on Saturday 9am-12:30pm.

– CLASS PROGRESSIONS: In all your classes this week, you should see a shift in progression. Cottontails coaches should attempt to transition parents either out of the games but still on the field, or off the field altogether. If after a couple of minutes your child needs your help, you can go right back into the games, but at least we are trying to start that transition. Jackrabbits will be attempting 5-10 minutes of scrimmage. Big Feet will also be attempting 5-10 minutes of scrimmage. All classes will be doing something progressive like this, but not all will be as blatant as those 3 I’ve mentioned. Hoppers may do the same game but now with balls and cones involved, etc.

– SPRING BREAK CAMP IS NOW OPEN: Camp is now 5 DAYS long (previously 4) running from Monday 3/13 – 3/17, prices have been updated accordingly. If you’re interested, information is here as well as registration:

This week is Bring-A-Friend week! In this email I will go over the details for that, as well as just a quick few reminders on things to know for the remainder of the season, and an important thing to know about what we do about BAD WEATHER!

– Bring-A-Friend week starts today and runs through this Saturday. If you were unable to invite a friend for this week no worries, you can bring them next week if needed! You are welcome to bring more than 1 friend of course!

– Kids eligible to be your friend: must be between 16 months and 9 years old, must have not already done a free trial this season, must have not been signed up for our classes in the past 6 months… your friend does not have to be the same age as your child! if they are close enough in age they can do the same class as your child, if the difference in age is too big we may move them to a more appropriate class

– All I need is a waiver for all friends signed at the front desk (or the back booth if on a weekday evening after 5pm) before stepping on the field. This is MANDATORY and cannot be skipped. If you are bringing the friend and the parent won’t be attending, you can sign the waiver for the child, or have the parent go to our website and print off the waiver under our FORMS tab. I would also suggest having friends in appropriate clothing, specifically no open toed shoes. Please also relay basic rules to friends to, such as parent-child classes requires them to be on the field with the child, to stay off the blue tubes, etc. Any friend that causes distraction or misbehaves in class will be sent off the field just like a regular paying customer.

– Please note that since there is no way to know how many friends are being invited, classes may be larger than usual. If any friends want to sign up after trying for free this week, send them to me. If the class they want to sign up for is already full I will ask them to sign up for another time.

– BRING-A-FRIEND cards were passed out last week. I know some coaches forgot to get those passed out, and I know some of you will have forgotten or lost your card already. No worries! These were just to help you remember and to give you something tangible to use to invite a friend. If you don’t have that card anymore no worries!


– I am aware we have some really big weekday evening classes, specifically 430pm. I am trying to find coaches that are available around that time to come be helpers. I just wanted you to know that I did see, I am aware about a few huge classes with only 1 coach, and I plan to get some help hopefully starting this week. Bear with me!

– Get missed classes made up BEFORE THE END OF THE SEASON! Saturday, March 11th is our final day of classes for Spring. After that, all missed classes do not rollover to future seasons. So please, email me if you miss your normal time slot and if you use the online schedule to find a time I can confirm if it’s available or not.

– PICTURE WEEK IS OVER… email me if you have any issues with your pictures, I can’t help much but I can connect you with the photography company

– INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY! Anytime we get bad weather or the roads are in poor condition, myself and the general manager get together early in the morning to decide about facility status for morning classes, and then we meet again mid-afternoon to discuss the status for evening classes and games. When the decision is made, we will send a mass email (like this one), post on our website, and post on our social media. At the latest we usually get that out there by 830am and 330pm. I know this week some experts are predicting a lot of snow, so I just wanted you to know that you will be kept in the loop with hopefully enough time to know before leaving the house! If we stay open but you personally don’t feel it is safe to get out, no problem, just shoot me an email to let me know and we can set up a make up class for a day when the weather is nicer! Sometimes the facility stays open, but I decide to cancel classes, this is because I have a lot of young coaches that I am looking out for and don’t want on the road, as well as you families, whereas the facility in general might stay open with the thinking that youth games get done before bad weather hits and adults playing soccer usually don’t mind getting out.

IF we cancel classes we will ask you to either make it up at another day and time OR credit you towards a future season.

ALSO- if you missed previous emails with basic information in it, or want to go back and see what was said about certain topics, we post all my weekly emails here:

LASTLY!! I love hearing how my coaches are doing. I love hearing about your child connecting with the coach or you enjoying watching the instructor teach. I also need to hear about my coaches not being satisfactory. When I finish my emails with “contact me with questions or concerns”- that includes me wanting to hear about how you are liking your coach or the class in general. Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email about how it’s going, if it’s not up to our standard I can work on fixing it! If you’re loving it I will let the coaches know- it’s a great form of encouragement for these young people working in our program!

TONS of stuff coming up this week, as well as a reminder. Check it out:

– WE ARE OPEN TODAY: Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We hope those of you in Monday classes come spend the part of your day with us at your normal class time! We are open!

– MAKE UP PICTURE DAY: Picture Week is now officially over. Candid should email you soon the proofs of your child’s picture if you got yours taken, if they haven’t sent them already. This Saturday from 9am-12:30pm the photographers will be back for one final make up day for anybody who wants to retake their pictures or for anyone who missed their chance last week. They probably won’t return until next season or the season after!

– BRING-A-FRIEND WEEK: Next week is our once per season event, BRING A FRIEND WEEK! This week we will be handing out cards for you to take home and use to invite a friend to class. I will send out more details in my email next week, but be prepared to invite a friend to try a class out for free NEXT week!

– WINTER II LEAGUES OFFICIALLY BEGIN: Last week I informed you that the the season was starting for our leagues and so our evening and weekend business hours are going to be jam packed. Just a reminder as it will be crazy where there may be a line for concession, a wait to speak to someone at the desk, and/or the phone lines all busy. The parking lot will also be pretty packed so please prepare for that so it doesn’t cause you to miss any of your class!

– MICRO ADVANCED: I am attempting to open a Micro Advanced class for either 5-7 or 6-8 year olds on Wednesdays at 530pm. Please let me know if you would like to add that to your additional class, or if you’d like to switch to that class off your normal time. Micro Advanced has more complex drills and requires more skill than a regular Micro class. If you’re interested but not sure you qualify, please shoot me an email and we can discuss you possibly trying it out!

– MAKE UP CLASSES: Friendly reminder to always check our online schedule before making up any missed classes. Then email me to confirm! Make ups allow you to get your moneys worth of classes, but they MUST be done by the end of this season, and they DO NOT rollover for any reason! Here is our online schedule:

– LASTLY… we now have Lil Kicker soccer balls in stock to sell for $20, pink jerseys for $20 (not included in membership, only blue, red, and white are available when purchasing a membership), extra blue/red/white jersey for $17, and sometime next month I will have a limited selection of Lil Kicker blue or red shorts available. Price to be determined. Will let you know when those get in. Stop by the front desk next time you are here if interested in any of that!

Tons of stuff going on this week so please read this carefully so you know what to expect! I hope everyone had a good first week of classes!

– THIS WEEK IS PICTURE WEEK: This week we have Candid Color photographers here at the facility to take pictures of the kids. It is 100% free to take the pictures, you just scan a QR code (have one pasted on the white board at the bottom of the stairs), fill out the info, and then take pics. They will then email you proofs that you can choose to purchase or not! I suggest everyone at least take the free pictures and then decide later if you want to purchase! ***The photographers are at the bottom of the front stairs to the left, where the video games are***. Any other questions about the pics I can try to answer as best I can, otherwise I will forward your inquiry to the Candid managers. Hope you all take advantage of this!

– WEEKLY EMAILS: I send weekly emails like this every Monday. If you ever miss one, such as the one I sent last Sunday for things to know to start the season off, you can find them here:

– UPDATED WINTER II SCHEDULE: I have updated the online schedule of classes to show which ones have been removed due to lack of registration, as well as which ones have filled, listed in RED. The ones listed in GREEN currently have 0-2 kids enrolled. I will update this schedule each Monday. You’ll want to use this if you are planning on make up classes, which brings me to my next subject!

– MAKE UP CLASSES: We do offer make up classes for anyone who misses their normal class time. Use our online schedule to find another day and time we offer the class you need, and then email me to confirm. ***The only requirement is that you get all missed classes made up by the end of the season. They DO NOT rollover to future seasons for ANY REASON!*** You’ll see me mention that in every email from here on out. That’s because inevitably I get people who don’t read this or think we can bend the rules for them, and ask me to rollover missed classes. Again, we don’t do that, so please stay on top of missed classes and get them made up, emailing me to confirm! Here is the updated online schedule:

– LASTLY… THE FACILITY IS ABOUT TO BE PACKED! This week we start some of our Winter II leagues on the weeknights. That means the parking lot is going to be packed, the facility is going to be crowded, and there may be lines at the front desk or concession. Please plan accordingly so you can get in and to your class on time!

If you are receiving this email, your child is enrolled in our Winter II season starting tomorrow (yes, we have classes tomorrow) Monday 1/2 and running through Saturday, March 11th. I will send an email at the beginning of each week with some basic information to know about what’s going on in the program and at the facility. In this first weekly email, I’m going to send stuff that will hopefully help you navigate your first week here if you are brand new, and will serve as a reminder to those of you who have been with us before!

– WHERE TO GO: Our facility is at 4520 Old Farm Road, OKC 73162, hidden inside Summerfield addition off of Meridian and NW 122nd. Once inside the facility, go to the bottom of our main stairs and check in at the bottom where we have our front desk. Weekday morning classes will almost always be right there in our front building at the bottom of the stairs, on Field 1. Evening classes will almost always be in our back building, on Field 4. And Saturday has so many classes that we use Field 1 and 2 in the main building AND Field 4 in the back.

– WHAT TO DO WHEN ARRIVING: When checking in at the front desk at the bottom of the stairs, we will check to see what class you are in, check if you have a jersey, and make sure you are all set to go. *Jerseys are given to brand new customers which should have all paid the annual membership, and to returning customers who have renewed their annual membership. You do not receive a new jersey if you are a returning customer that did NOT renew their annual membership. If unsure about your membership status, check with us when you arrive.* Our coaches are usually wearing our Lil Kickers blue coaches gear, if you have questions or are lost don’t hesitate to ask them for help or to point you in the right direction!

– WHAT TO BRING FOR CLASS: All class levels will have at least one water break midway through class. You can bring your own drink or use our water fountains. During the evening and on Saturdays our concession stand is open too if you’d like to purchase one from there. Kids in scrimmaging classes which are Jackrabbits, Big Feet, Micro 4/5, Micro 6/7, and Micro 8/9 MUST have shin guards. Kids in non-scrimmaging classes such as Bunnies, Thumpers, Cottontails, and Hoppers do NOT need shin guards. Sneakers or cleats are okay! Bunnies, Thumpers, and Cottontails are parent-child classes, meaning we expect you to participate, so I would wear comfortable clothing if you plan to be the parent on the field for that!

– THINGS TO KNOW FOR THE FIRST WEEK: The curriculum for all classes the first week is set on breaking the ice for the kids and may feature easier simpler games that help the kids get comfortable in their setting before progressing over the course of the season… Often, kids who show up after class has started get anxious and shy and don’t want to go out on the field, I would suggest trying to be here about 5-10 minutes early (especially if you need to check in at the front desk for any reason) so that your child has tons of time to get acclimated before class begins… All classes start at the 30 minute mark (930, 1030, 430, 530 etc.) and are 50 minutes long… All parent-child classes should have no more than 1 parent per child on the field, this is to reserve space for the kids to run around and play, parents are welcome to switch in and out… All classes max at 12 kids in class… There are blue inflatable tubes between each class which divides the field into sections, they are pretty beat up and some are leaking air, PLEASE do not let your child sit / lay / jump / bounce on them or hit / kick / be rough with them, same goes for parents too, please stay off the tubes.

Don’t be afraid to shoot me an email with any questions or concerns! I would much rather communicate than have someone not understand the program the entire season!

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