Lil’ Kickers Weekly Updates

Hey parents! So much to update you on for this week going forward!

First, a reminder of our holiday schedule this week:

Monday classes ON
Tuesday classes ON
Wednesday classes ON
Thursday NO classes
Friday NO classes
Saturday classes ON

Thursday and Friday customers – we DID prorate the price when you signed up, so you did NOT pay for this week and you do NOT need to make it up.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday customers – you DID get charged for this week, so if you do NOT attend this week, shoot me an email when you are ready to figure out a make up time! You can use the following link to find what times are still available for make ups. Reminder that ALL MISSED CLASSES MUST BE MADE UP BY 12/18- THEY DO NOT ROLLOVER TO NEXT SEASON!

Next, I am excited to say our WINTER 2 LIL KICKERS REGISTRATION OPENS THIS SATURDAY, 11/27! I am offering an Early Bird Discount specific to ONLY you customers currently enrolled in the Winter 1 season. The Early Bird Discount will be if you sign up and pay in full NO LATER than 12/11/21, you will get ***2 classes off each kid towards the SPRING 2021 season (or your next season if not Spring)***. So again, if you sign up early for Winter 2, you will get a discount noted on your account that is $30 worth off of each child you register towards your next season, whether that be Spring or a future season. Here is our Winter 2 schedule, check out what classes and times we are offering:

ALSO… we just opened registration for our Winter Break Camps! SoccerCity hosts camps for kids ages 4-16 years old. Each camp is 3 hours long (morning session is 9-12, afternoon is 1-4, or you can choose to attend all day), and is jam packed with skills training, fun games and activities, and scrimmaging against kids their age. Our camps will be 12/20-12/23 and 12/27-12/30. Use the following link to get more information such as what to bring and pricing, as well as how to sign up and pay:

LASTLY… make up picture day will be Saturday 12/4 from around 9:30am – 12:30pm. You do not have to be a Saturday customer to come to the make up picture day. This is for anyone who did not like the proofs they were sent or just missed the original picture week.

Hope everyone is loving this season, as we are now half way through! This is week 5, and here are some things to know:

– Cottontails classes should be attempting to transition parents to the side of the field or completely off it this week. Obviously any one kid who is not ready, those parents can step back in at any time. I know sometimes our lead coach is gone, and the co-coaches are reluctant to make that progression without them, but I will tell any cover coaches to go ahead and attempt transitioning parents off this week and we will see how it goes!

– Big Feet and Jackrabbits classes should be having some competition type games and drills, in preparation for the introduction to scrimmaging in a few weeks.

– Other classes will make their own progressions whether it be adding steps to an activitiy to make them more difficult, adding ball usage, trying new games out, etc.!

– Picture Week is over 🙁 but there will be one last Picture Day on Saturday 12/4 from around 9:30am-12:30pm. This will be the best time to go get pictures taken if you missed your chance this week, or to retake them if you get your proofs back and don’t like the ones you already took. I will give more details the week of that!

– Those of you that did get pictures this week, you can expect proofs within the next week. If you don’t receive anything by next week please let me know and I can give you the picture company’s information.

– I am sending this email on Monday 11/15 at 12:30pm. As I speak we are finishing up the parking lot and it should be ready to go by tonight, Monday 11/15. So there will be more parking spots AND handicap / stroller access with no stairs. If you have questions on where this entrance is located, let me know!

– Next week we DO have classes M, T, W (11/22-24) and Sat (11/27) but NO CLASSES Thurs or Fri (11/25-26) for Thanksgiving. Thursday and Friday customers- we took those two days out of the price, you did not pay for them. All other customers- if you cannot make next week due to holidays just let me know and we can get it made up.

Lastly… another reminder to get those missed classes made up ASAP using the online schedule that I try to keep updated on our website (you have until 12/18 to make any missed classes up) email me for confirmation!

– This week is PICTURE WEEK! This is where we have a professional photographer set up a green screen here in the facility and you get to take pictures at no up front cost! The area will be to the bottom left (if you’re coming down) of the main stairs, where the video games are. The photographers will be wearing blue polos and should be here before the first class of every shift and will wait at least 10 minutes after the last class of every shift. You fill out a quick form- the main info you need being knowing what the title of the class is that your child is in- and then take the pics for free. Then they will email you the team pics later and you can choose whether or not you want to order any at that time! I would suggest being here before your class early to get it done before class starts. If you have any questions, such as what is the name of your class, don’t hesitate to email me!

– This week is also the first week of Winter 1 league. Winter 1 and Winter 2 league seasons are our most popular and therefore the facility and parking lot is going to be PACKED. Please make sure you give yourself time to find a parking spot and get to class on time, and please be patient if you call us and leave a voicemail and are waiting for a response. Our phone lines are ringing off the hook with people trying to sign up for leagues, so if there is anything you need please email me for a quicker response! Just wanted to give you a heads up so you are not surprised if you come for an afternoon or Saturday class this week and see a ton more people here!

– Speaking of parking lots, the Northwest section is still being worked on and will hopefully be done any day now, allowing for more parking spots. We were hoping they would be done by today, but will hopefully be good to go by the end of the week, which will also reopen our one handicap entrance / non-stair entrance that is easier for strollers! I will shoot you guys an email when it gets done.

SATURDAY CUSTOMERS: Just wanted to let you know the past few Saturdays and this upcoming Saturday we have had and will have a ton of our normal coaches gone. I expect the best from even your sub coaches, so please do not hesitate to let me know of any failures by the coach. Some are involved in extra-curricular events at their school, some are outdoor coaches finishing up their seasons, and some did not feel well and I did not want to risk anything so I had them stay home. Again, please know I will have the best possible coach fill in if needed, but if they do not live up to our SoccerCity standards feel free to email me letting me know. Starting next week we have a lot less people gone and you should get your normal coach consistently.

– Because of that, I am now looking to hire a few new people! I previously asked you all to help me find good coaches (and you did not disappoint). I am now in need of a few good coaches that can work on Saturday mornings specifically! This job would be perfect for someone in college looking for extra money on the side, or a nanny that is free on the weekends, etc.! Here are the details, have whoever you think would be a good addition email me if interested and I will invite them to the group interview:

Lastly, this is my weekly reminder to get your missed classes made up before the season ends on 12/18. Use our always-updating online schedule to find a time slot that works for you, email me to confirm:

This week is BRING A FRIEND WEEK! Here are the guidelines:

– Any friend 18 months to 9 years old can participate if they have not already done a free trial this season and have not already been registered for a class in the past calendar year! Your “friend” can also be a sibling or relative!

– Friends must have a waiver signed at the desk BEFORE going on the field. This is for safety reasons as well as to make it faster for signing up if they decide to register.

– If your friend is not close in age to your child, for instance a 3 year old bringing their 5 year old friend, we may move the friend to a more appropriate age group at the same time.

– Here is our online schedule, any class listed in RED is full and cannot take any friends. If you are wanting to bring a friend but your normal class is full, email me about another time slot and maybe you and your friend can attend a class that has less kids!

ALSO.. next week is the start of Winter 1 LEAGUES, which means a few things:

– Our facility and parking lot is going to be packed as this is one of our busiest seasons. Please plan accordingly to make sure you get to your class on time! Our phones are ringing off the hook and there will be lines at the front desk, so if you need assistance please shoot me an email to make sure I get it.

– If you are wanting your player (4 years and older) OR yourself (adult male or female) on an actual team that plays games, this weekend is the deadline to sign up for that! We have house teams where we would put any individual player on a team we form and administrate as a facility. Email Jennifer at to get more info on that!


– Northwest side of the parking lot is still being worked on, so let me know ahead of time if you need help with strollers. There are tons of parking spots to the Southeast that people don’t know about.

– Any class you miss can be made up, but must be made up by the end of this season! They do NOT carry over to a future season. Use the online schedule I included earlier in the email to find a time that works for you and then you can email me to confirm!

Just a reminder that any time your normal lead coach is gone I will have a cover coach there that is the best possible replacement at that time slot! I do preach to coaches that being there as much as possible is key to forming a relationship with their kids, so your lead coach should be there 90% of the time, but if they are not they may be replaced full time.

DRESS UP WEEK: This week we are inviting all kids, parents, and coaches to wear costumes to class! The only rules are they must be appropriate and kids cannot take their props on the field during class (jedi knights can’t take their lightsabers on the field, Captain America’s must leave shields with mom, etc.). Our coaches *may* be passing out candy in each class (I’ve left it up to them), but as of Monday afternoon I will have candy available at the desk for when you walk by to class! ***I have told coaches to avoid candy with peanuts in them. In case they forget, please tell them ahead of time if your player has a food allergy or you don’t want your kid getting candy at all***. I will tell coaches to tell kids to NOT eat any candy they receive until going to their parent and asking first.

NEXT WEEK IS BRING A FRIEND WEEK: This week we will be passing out BRING-A-FRIEND cards. These are cards that remind you to invite a friend to class for next week (11/1 – 11/6). I will give you guidelines on BAF Week in my weekly email next week, but basically anyone who hasn’t done a free trial this season and has not been registered with us in the past year is eligible as long as they are 18 months to 9 years old! If your coach doesn’t pass out cards it may be because they forgot OR because the class is just too full. You can email and ask if you are unsure about your class.

If you MISS your normal class we do offer MAKE UP CLASSES. Do NOT use the paper schedule, as it is already out of date. I will have the online schedule updated over the next few days and you will be able to use that to find a class to make up your missed classes. Reminder that missed classes do NOT rollover to a future season as a credit for any reason. Until the updated schedule is posted, please email for any make up classes you need.

This week is the start of our new season of Lil Kickers here at SoccerCity OKC! This Winter 1 session will run from this week (10/18) through the week right before Christmas (12/18). I will send an email at the beginning of each week with some basic information to know about what’s going on in the program and at the facility. In this first weekly email, I’m going to send stuff that will hopefully help you navigate your first week here if you are brand new, and will serve as a reminder to those of you who have been with us before!

– WHERE TO GO: Our facility is at 4520 Old Farm Road, OKC 73162, hidden inside Summerfield addition off of Meridian and NW 122nd. Once inside the facility, go to the bottom of our main stairs and check in at the bottom where we have our front desk. Weekday morning classes will almost always be right there in our front building at the bottom of the stairs, on Field 1. Evening classes will almost always be in our back building, on Field 4. And Saturday has so many classes that we use Field 1 and 2 in the maind building AND Field 4 in the back.

– WHAT TO DO WHEN ARRIVING: When checking in at the front desk at the bottom of the stairs, we will check to see what class you are in, check if you have a jersey, and make sure you are all set to go. *Jerseys are given to brand new customers which should have all paid the annual membership, and to returning customers who have renewed their annual membership. You do not receive a new jersey if you are a returning customer that did NOT renew their annual membership. If unsure about your membership status, check with us when you arrive.* Our coaches are usually wearing our Lil Kickers blue coaches gear, if you have questions or are lost don’t hesitate to ask them for help or to point you in the right direction!

– WHAT TO BRING FOR CLASS: All class levels will have at least one water break midway through class. You can bring your own drink or use our water fountains. During the evening and on Saturdays our concession stand is open too if you’d like to purchase one from there. Kids in scrimmaging classes which are Jackrabbits, Big Feet, Micro 4/5, Micro 6/7, and Micro 8/9 MUST have shin guards. Kids in non-scrimmaging classes such as Bunnies, Thumpers, Cottontails, and Hoppers do NOT need shin guards. Sneakers or cleats are okay! Bunnies, Thumpers, and Cottontails are parent-child classes, meaning we expect you to participate, so I would wear comfortable clothing if you plan to be the parent on the field for that!

– THINGS TO KNOW FOR THE FIRST WEEK: The curriculum for all classes the first week is set on breaking the ice for the kids and may feature easier simpler games that help the kids get comfortable in their setting before progressing over the course of the season… Often, kids who show up after class has started get anxious and shy and don’t want to go out on the field, I would suggest trying to be here about 5-10 minutes early (especially if you need to check in at the front desk for any reason) so that your child has tons of time to get acclimated before class begins… All classes start at the 30 minute mark (930, 1030, 430, 530 etc.) and are 50 minutes long… All parent-child classes should have no more than 1 parent per child on the field, this is to reserve space for the kids to run around and play, parents are welcome to switch in and out… All classes max at 12 kids in class… There are blue inflatable tubes between each class which divides the field into sections, they are pretty beat up and some are leaking air, PLEASE do not let your child sit / lay / jump / bounce on them or hit / kick / be rough with them, same goes for parents too, please stay off the tubes.

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