Lil’ Kickers Weekly Updates

Tomorrow is going to be crazy so I wanted to send out an email and try to give you a heads up of what to expect to make your experience go a little smoother. Some of you may remember or have seen our social media posts about Field 1 and Field 2 having their turf replaced! Because of that, we are moving all fields to Field 3 and Field 4, we are having to combine a few classes, and unfortunately I will have to cancel a few classes. I apologize for the late notice, but we were so sure that at least one of the fields (1 or 2) would be ready right now and that we would not need to cancel or combine any of the classes. Now that we are are a day away from Saturday classes I can see it won’t be ready in time, so I am emailing you now hoping you will see this in time.

Here is tomorrow’s schedule, beneath the schedule I will go into detail about things to know about some of the classes.

***Number and letter in parentheses are what field section they are usually on. If there are two different ones separated by a back slash that means the class is combined, for example: (4Q/4O).***



3J: Cottontails: Caylie & Abby (1A)

3K: Hoppers: Kylie & Addison (4Q)

3L: Hoppers: Leiloni & Ellen (4R) [Lauren’s class, she is still gone]

3M: Bunnies: Emilie & Patience (1C)

3N: Thumpers: Ty & Marie (1D)


3J: Cottontails: Caylie & Abby (1A)

3K: Jackrabbits: Kylie & Claire (4Q/4O)

3L: Hoppers: Leiloni & Ellen (4R) [Lauren’s class, she is still gone]

3M: Bunnie: Emilies & Patience (1C)

3N: Thumpers: Ty & Marie (1D)


3J: Hoppers: Caylie & Abby (1A)

3K: Cottontails: Kylie & Leiloni (1B)


3M: Micro Adv. 7/8: Ty & Ellen (1C)

3N: Micro Adv. 7/8: Talon & Maliyah (1D)



4R: Micro 4/5: Audrey & Madison (2F)

4Q: Jackrabbits: Cayden & Claire (2G/4O)

4P: Micro 8/9: Edson & Rainey (2H)

4O: Micro 6/7: Talon & Maliyah (2I)


4R: Micro 4/5: Audrey & Madison (2F)

4Q: Big Feet: Cayden & Addison (2G)

4P: Micro 8/9: Edson & Rainey (2H)

4O: Micro 6/7: Talon & Maliyah (2I)


4R: Micro 4/5: Audrey & Madison (2F)

4Q: Jackrabbits: Cayden & Addison (2G) [Lauren’s class, she is still gone]

4P: Big Feet: Claire & Patience (2H)

4O: Micro 6/7/8/9: Edson & Rainey (2I)

Things to know:

– Field 3 is the field straight back past Fields 1 and 2. Field 4 is in the back and to the right of Field 3.

– If you can’t remember who your lead coach is, let me know and I will confirm.

– Due to lack of space, Leiloni’s 9:30am Bunnies and 10:30am Cottontails will both be cancelled tomorrow.

– Due to lack of space, Claire’s 9:30am Jackrabbits will be cancelled and her 10:30am Jackrabbits will combine with Kylie’s Jackrabbits tomorrow.

– At 11:30am I have more space, so if families in Leiloni’s 10:30am Cottontails would like to attend 11:30am instead, you can. Same with Claire’s 9:30am Jackrabbits kids- there is space at 11:30am if you can swing that.

– If you are in a cancelled class or cannot swing the 11:30am option, I can either credit you this missed class towards next season, or you can do a make up at another day and time this season- there are 3 weeks remaining.

– I am assuming some customers will not see this email or may not understand it (I know, I’m throwing a ton of information at you), so if classes seem packed it’s because not everybody saw this message.

All that chaos aside, tomorrow registration for Winter I officially opens! To get the Early Bird Discount you can sign up over the phone or in person. You can sign up online starting tomorrow but *you will not receive the discount online.*

I will send an email about registration tomorrow with more details!

PLEASE any questions about tomorrow whether it be about class situations or registering for the new season email me back and I will try to respond asap!

Today is officially the last day of Bring-A-Friend Week, as Monday classes didn’t get their BAF Day due to Labor Day. That being said, just because Bring-A-Friend Week ends after tonight, we still welcome you to bring any friends, the rules just change a little!

– YOU CAN STILL INVITE A FRIEND: Just make sure they have not already done a free trial this season, and that they have not been enrolled in a recent season either. The main rule change is that from Tuesday on, if you want to bring a friend, you can only bring them to a class that is NOT full. To find out if a class is full, use the online schedule that is kept up to date. I will link that at the end of this email.

– REMINDER ABOUT REFERRAL CREDIT: If you invite a friend that signs up make sure to have them mention your name so you get a referral credit towards a future season! We want to reward people who spread the word about our program and get more players to join!

– HALF PRICED CLASSES: Classes listed in GREEN on our online website have anywhere from 2-4 kids enrolled and because of that are half price for current customers. That means if you are currently enrolled in a class and want to add a second weekly class, you could choose a GREEN class and only pay half price, which at this time of the season, would be only $34! This is EXCLUSIVELY for current customers wanting a second weekly class and only available as long as those classes are listed in green. Email me if interested.

– CLASS PROGRESSIONS: After tonight’s classes, starting tomorrow you should see some progressions in classes. Major progressions are visible in Cottontails, Jackrabbits, and Big Feet. Cottontails starting Tuesday of this week will start attempting to transition parents off the field, if they are not already off. Jackrabbits and Big Feet will start throwing in competitive games that help prepare kids for the scrimmaging that will take place at the end of the season in those levels. All classes will be adding progressions, but those 3 levels should be the most noticable. We are starting that tomorrow (Tuesday 9/12) as we start that after BAF Week, and tonight is the final day for that.

– LOOKING AHEAD: It has come to my attention that starting next week, 9/18, and running for 3 weeks through 10/6, the facility will be partially closed due to the removal of our current turf and the addition of new turf. Because of this, weekday morning classes and weeknight evening classes may be moved to new locations. They will still have all classes on one field, just which field is to be determined each week. Saturdays I am going to send out what we are doing next week, as we are still discussing the best plan on how to handle a few of the fields being closed at one time. I will send more information about this out in my email next week, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention ahead of time.

– REMINDER TO GET MISSES MADE UP: All classes that you miss must be made up by the end of the season, 10/14. Use our online schedule to find a day and time to make up and then shoot me an email to confirm.

Here is the link to the schedule that I mention multiple times:

– THIS WEEK IS BRING-A-FRIEND WEEK: Last week coaches passed out Bring-A-Friend Cards for you to invite a friend this week. If you did not receive a card or you did but lost it, no worries- that was only meant to serve as a tangible reminder and is not necessary to bring back in order to have a friend join.

The first thing all friends MUST do is sign a waiver. These are available at the front desk at the bottom of the stairs for morning and Saturday classes, and available in the Field 4 booth in the evenings. Friends should NOT be on the field without that waiver signed. If you want let them print it out and have it filled out before coming, here is the link:

– BAF GUIDELINES: Only friends that have never done Lil Kickers before can participate, or if they have it has been at least a year since they attended. Friends do not have to be the same age BUT if the age gap is too large we may ask them to move to a more appropriate class. Even classes that are full can bring friends, just know that if they ask to sign up they will not be able to register for the full class, only other classes that have open space. Just like with kids and parents who are already enrolled, we expect the friends you bring to follow all the rules. For kids that means keeping hands to themselves and not being a disturbance to the class. Hoppers and older classes should be able to follow the coaches’ instructions, Cottontails and younger classes understandibly lose focus but still shouldn’t be a distraction to other kids who are listening to the coach. Parents need to be off the field if the class is Hoppers or older, and for parents on the field for Cottontails and younger they should not be sitting on the tube or kicking balls and putting kids in danger. If any parent or child breaks these rules we may ask them to step off the field for the remainder of class.

– REFERRAL CREDIT: Invite a friend > they sign up > they mention your name > you get a credit noted on your account to use towards a future season!

– THIS PAST WEEKEND: Again, just a reminder, this past Friday, Saturday, and Monday was taken OUT of the price for families enrolled in those classes. You do NOT need to make them up. For any classes from here on out that you miss for any reason, use our online schedule and then email me what class you choose. You can see that here:

– HOUSE TEAM REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: As I mentioned in last week’s email, house team registration is now open for kids 4 and older. These are actual teams that play games. They are great to pair with your Lil Kickers classes. We also have teams for adults interested in joining a soccer team too! For more info email Jennifer at and check out our house team page here:

Tons of stuff going on this week. Here’s what to know:

– FALL LEAGUE REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: Registration for our Fall season of LEAGUES is now open. You will start receiving mass emails about this. Please do not be confused, you are already in Fall Lil Kickers and it is not time to sign up for a new season of classes yet. The emails you may receive will be about LEAGUES for teams that play actual games.

– HOUSE TEAMS: Many of you have asked me how to get on teams that play actual games. The youngest league we have is U6 for kids that are 4 and 5. After U6 we have leagues for all ages older all the way through adult men, women, and coed. If you are interested in getting your player on a house team you can email Jennifer at and also see information about it here:

– SHORT WEEK / HOLIDAY WEEKEND: We have classes this week Monday 8/28 through Thursday 8/31. We do NOT have classes Friday 9/1, Saturday 9/2, or Monday 9/4. Friday, Saturday, and Monday customers did NOT pay for this and therefore do not need to get those classes made up. Every Labor and Memorial Weekend we host a dog agility show. The facility will be open but we will not have classes.

– BRING A FRIEND WEEK IS NEXT WEEK: This week the coaches should be passing out Bring-A-Friend cards to the kids after class. These are invitations to have a friend join you next week. I will send out details for that in my email next week.

– STILL HAVE EXTRA LK STUFF: pink LK tops for $20, red or blue LK shorts for $17, LK balls for $20, LK car decals for $3, SoccerCity draw string bags for $10, stop by the desk or booth for more info or to purchase one

– MAKE UP CLASSES: Reminder to get any missed classes made up by the end of the season. To do so, use our constantly-being-updated online schedule (NOT THE PAPER SCHEDULE) and then email me when you find a time that works for you. Here is the schedule:

I hope everyone’s first week of classes went well. I know it was hectic at times trying to make sure everyone got to the right class, but I hope once everybody got settled in they enjoyed their first class of the season. As I said in my email last week, I will be sending out an email like this each week with basic information to know about the program as well as reminders. Here are some things for this week moving forward:

– HANDICAP / STROLLER FRIENDLY ENTRANCE: The only entrance to the building WITHOUT stairs is to the Southwest, the door to which is in the breezeway corridor that connects the front building with Field 1 and 2 to the back building where we have Field 3 and 4. There is handicap parking all along the West side of the building, and there is also space to drop off. That area of the parking lot is also a slight decline if you want to park in the main lot and stroll down to that entrance. *The door is glass, if you are seeing a metal door that is not the entrance I’m referring to, that is a fire exit*. If you want me to show you where it is when you’re here next let me know! Hopefully that will make the journey for those of you bringing a stroller or inviting grandparents or anyone needing handicap access a little easier.

– MISSED CLASSES: Reminder that you can make up any class that you miss at any time as long as it is this season. Any missed class that does not get made up does not rollover to future seasons. To make up a class just use our online schedule, NOT the paper schedule, to find another day and time we offer the same level. Once you find a day and time that works for you, shoot me an email and I will confirm if that works for the make up. Our online schedule will be updated some time today. When it is updated, you will see some classes listed in RED (meaning full and not available for make up) and GREEN (meaning 0-2 kids, still available for make up but may have smaller numbers). Here is the Fall schedule:

– HOLIDAY WEEKEND COMING UP: We do NOT have classes NEXT weekend Friday 9/1, Saturday 9/2, and the following Monday 9/4. You guys did NOT pay for those days so you do not need to get them made up. I will send a reminder closer to time but wanted to let you know in case you wanted to plan ahead.

– NEXT WEEK: Next week we will be passing out Bring A Friend Cards. These are for you to remember to invite a friend to Bring A Friend Week, which will be the following week, Tuesday 9/5 through Monday 9/11. I will send more information on that next week.

– REMINDER PINK JERSEYS AND SHORTS FOR SALE: I have tons of pink LK tops for sale for $20, get them while you can. We also have blue LK shorts in each size that match the blue as well as the white tops, they are $17. I have red shorts as well for each size except for YXXS (smallest size). We also have balls for $20, SoccerCity drawstring bags for $10, and LK car decals for $3 (2 for 5).

Fall season for Lil Kickers here at SoccerCity OKC starts this week, so I am sending this email with some basic information for brand new customers to know to make their first time in the program more enjoyable, as well as a reminder to returning customers of what to expect! I will send one of these emails out every Monday with updates on what’s going on around the facility, etc. Here is what to know for week 1 of Fall:

– WHERE TO GO: All classes will be at SoccerCity OKC which is located in Summerfield off of Meridian and 122nd, at the address of 4520 Old Farm Road. Once inside the facility, you can stop by the front desk at the bottom of the main stairs to check in, grab a jersey, get directions, ask any questions, or pay for your classes if you have not yet. Morning classes will almost always be on Field 1 in the main building. Evening classes will almost always be on Field 4 in the southernmost part of the facility, and on Saturdays we usually have so many classes going on that we will use Field 1, Field 2, and Field 3. Again, we will be available to point you in the right direction!

– WHEN TO BE THERE: Upon registration you should have received an email with your class day and time. If you cannot remember your exact time you can always call or email us to double check. I highly recommend being here 5-10 to even 15 minutes early to stop by the desk and get settled, as well as to give your player enough time to get acclimated to the environment and meet their coach before class. I cannot stress enough how many kids miss out on the first class because their parent fails to get here on time and causes the player to be anxious and uncomfortable when they jump in the class late.

– WHAT TO BRING: New customers will receive a jersey top from us. You can also purchase matching shorts from us for $17, although they are not mandatory and most customers choose to wear their own shorts. Kids in Jackrabbits, Big Feet, and any Micro class (4/5, 6/7, 8/9, Advanced) MUST have shin guards! That IS mandatory! Sneakers or cleats are both okay on our turf, just gotta be close-toed footwear. You can bring a ball but we have tons of balls here so it’s not necessary. Each class will have at least 1 water break so I would bring a drink, gatorade, sippy cup, etc. if possible.

– WHAT TO EXPECT: The first week of classes each level, even those that may be higher or more “advanced” than others, will feature easier games and drills as a way to ease the kids in to the class and break the ice before expecting much from them. Please do not judge the class off the first week and assume it is not challenging enough for your child, as after a week of two the coaches should start making some real progressions with the games they play and what they expect of the players. Bunnies, Thumpers and Cottontails are all parent-child classes meaning one parent per child is expected on the field. Cottontails will eventually attempt to transition parents off the field. (If you are a returning Cottontail player who successfully transitioned off last season, start the first class off back on the field and see if you can get off midway through). Hoppers is a beginner class with absolutely NO parents on the field- if you find yourself constantly on your Hoppers field OR your player constantly wanting to leave the class to be with you, you may need to be in Cottontails. Jackrabbits and Big Feet are intermediate classes that slowly, over the course of the season, will build up to some competing and eventual scrimmaging within the class. All Micro classes will scrimmage the final 20 minutes of every class from the first week on!

– WHO TO LOOK FOR: My coaches should all be wearing either blue Lil Kickers shirts or any various color of SoccerCity shirts. I will be at the front desk at the bottom of the stairs every morning and the first hour of each evening, after that I’ll be in the back booth by Field 4. There will be a night manager at the front desk by then that can point you to me. If you have any questions just ask a coach, myself, or the manager to help you out. There will also be a white board at the bottom of the stairs with a list of who is coaching what class on what field section that may help you out too.


– There is one entrance without stairs that is great for stroller access as well as handicap. Come in the main entrance this first week and ask us in person and we can show you where that entrance is so you can use it moving forward!

– Stay off the blue tubes. We use blue inflatable tubes to separate classes by field section. They are extremely expensive and you will notice some are already starting to deteriorate. Try to also discourage your kids from being rough, jumping or sitting on them. Obviously kids will need to lean over them to get from one section to another, but bouncing on them before, during, or after class is not allowed.

– We offer make up classes. Inevitably some of you will miss your class. You can make that class up at any other time we offer that same class and it has space. The only restriction is it MUST be made up by the end of the Fall (10/14). Missed classes do NOT rollover FOR ANY REASON! Just use our online schedule to find a time, email me to confirm, and boom you are good to make up your missed class and get your money’s worth of soccer! I will mention this A LOT in my emails as I always have people trying to get credit for missed classes. In my next email I will send the link to the updated online schedule.

– Don’t use the paper schedules. After the first week of classes we have so many fill and so many close due to lack of registration that the paper schedules are no longer usable. Always use the online schedule I mentioned above.

– Classes are 50 minutes long. They will start at the half hour mark and go until twenty after. After 10 minutes if nobody shows up for class I move the coach to do something else. If only one kid is in class after 10 minutes we will ask if you want to combine with another group to have more fun. It is always your choice- if you would prefer a 1 on 1 lesson that is fine with us! Or if you would like to leave and come another day and time for more kids you can do that too.

– Speaking of 1 kid in class, I will be emailing any WEEKDAY MORNING customers who are by themselves before hand and see if they want to combine or move. Any weekday evening or Saturday morning kids that I see are solo I will not email because we almost always form classes at those times.

There is SO much to know but I think that is the absolute basic (and a little extra) to get you through this first week! If you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me or stop me in person!

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