League Info


Indoor Soccer Leagues

Division 1 is the HIGHEST league and as the number goes down, that is a lower division than the previous. So if there are Divisions 1-4, Division 1 would be the most competitive and have the most skilled players, Division 4 would be more for beginners and recreational players.

  • OPEN divisions – All players must be 18 years of age and older
  • Over 25 – All players must be 25 years or older

League Registration
Deadline for Winter 1 registration is Wednesday, Oct. 31st. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. No team is guaranteed a spot. $100 registration deposit.  REGISTER ONLINE

Each player must have a liability waiver on file to play in any league.

League Schedule

Winter 1 session begins Monday, November 12th. Dates and nights are subject to change.

*U9 / U10 GIRLS Academy Silver
Coed Over 25

*U9 / U10 BOYS Academy
Coed Over 25
Walking Soccer

*U9 / U10 Girls Academy Gold
U6 COED (plays 4v4)

*U7 / U8 Boys & Girls Academy
Coed Over 25

U8 Boys (plays 4v4)
U8 Girls (plays 4v4)
U16 Boys
U16 Girls
U19 Boys
U19 Girls
Over 25 Men’s

U10 Boys (Games played on Saturday AND Sunday.  All games on field 4)
U10 Girls (Games played on Saturday AND Sunday.  All games on field 4)
U12 Boys GOLD
*U12 Boys SILVER
U12 Girls GOLD
*U12 Girls SILVER
U14 Boys GOLD
*U14 Boys SILVER
U14 Girls GOLD
*U14 Girls SILVER

Men’s OPEN
U10 Boys & Girls leagues play on Saturday AND Sunday

*Academy, Gold, and Silver divisions listed are played ONLY in Winter 1 & 2 sessions

League Pricing & Numbers

  • U6 & U8 (plays 4v4) – $350.00 plus tax ($379.33 total)
  • U10 plays 6v6 (ALL games on Field 4) – $575.00 plus tax ($623.19 total)
  • U12 (7v7) – $575.00 plus tax ($623.19 total)
  • U14 – U19 (6v6) – $575.00 plus tax ($623.19 total)
  • Adult teams – $550.00 plus tax ($596.09 total)
    — Gender pure plays 6v6
    — Coed plays 7v7 (3 male / 3 female plus GK)
  • Walking Soccer (plays 5v5 no GK) $350.00 plus tax ($379.33 total)

Referee Fees:
U6 & U8 – $7.50 per team per game.
All other teams pay $10.00 per game.