Adult House Teams


We can enroll you for a house team! A house team is for individuals who do not have their own team. House teams let people get on the field, play some real soccer games, meet others, and hopefully create their own team moving forward.

Key information for Adult House Teams:

  • We have teams for men and women for coed, men’s, women’s, 18 and over, 25 and over, 30 and over
  • $75.87 per person with t-shirt included as a uniform with player’s choice of number on the back
  • 8 game season, game time and night depend on division
  • Practices not included
  • Equal playing time originally attempted, although that is up to the players to police themselves
  • House teams are open to players of all skill levels, beginner through advanced

To join a house team OR connect with an already formed team, please email